Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Have You Been Targeted

A Message from Sandra Brown --

Sandra L. Brown, author of 'How to Spot a Dangerous Man Before You Get Involved' and 'Counseling Victims of Violence' and director of Safe Relationships: A Women's Relational Harm Reduction and Public Psychopathy Education Project and Liane Leedom, MD psychiatrist, author of 'Just Like His Father: A Guide to Overcoming Your Child's Genetic Risk for Antisocial Behavior, Addiction, and ADHD' and director of Parenting The At-RIsk Child are collaborating on a new book 'Women Who Love Psychopaths.'

This is a ground breaking initiative because to date, a whole book or study has never focused exclusively on the women who love or have loved psychopaths. Who is she? What is her background, history, temperament, commonalities with other women who have loved psychopaths? What can we learn by identifying who she is? How will it aid national and international intervention and prevention efforts for women and for psychopathy education?

The answer is: we don't know because no one has done it!

We are seeking women who have been in relationships with DIAGNOSED psychopaths.
Those types of diagnoses included:
Anti Social Personality Disorder
Psychopathic tendencies

** Please note, that while Narcissistic Personality Disorder is a type of pathology, we are looking for true psychopaths. HOWEVER, having said that, it is widely believed that many who are diagnosed NPD are really un-diagnosed or under-diagnosed psychopaths. Feel free to contribute your info and we will try to assess it to see if we think he meets the psychopath criteria.

We are asking women who are interested in working on this project to be involved in the following:

* A detailed survey of YOU and your relationship dynamics. We aren't that concerned about the psychopath--lots has been written about him. We want to know about you and your relationship with him.

* A clinical assessment that will measure certain traits in your personality so we can see there is a 'profile' of women who end up with psychopaths. Todate, this has not been studied.

You must be willing to do BOTH to be considered. If you would like to be considered, please email to HowToSpot (at) yahoo (dot) com.

In the subject line put: Psychopath Survey.
In the message area: Put your name (of course it will not be used, this is for our contact info only) and email addy.

We are still in the developing stage of the survey but we have a pre-survey regarding 'emotional coding' that you can take now while we are completing the next phase. Thank you for all you are doing to help other women stay safe from psychopaths.

Sandra L. Brown, MA
Psychotherapist & Author

Sandra L. Brown, M.A.
Psychotherapist & Author of:
How to Spot a Dangerous Man
Counseling Victims of Violence